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New Year 2015 Wallpapers

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New Year 2015 Wallpapers, Wishes, Greetings, SMS, Watsapp status

Below is the collection of new year 2015 wallpapers:

Don’t let the shadows of yesterday spoil the sunshine of tomorrow. Live for today.
New Year is the time when, all your hopes are new, so are your aspiration, new are your resolutions and new are your spirits… so here’s wishing everyone a very promising, fulfilling and a very happy New Year!!
Wishing You A Year Filled With Great Joy Peace And Prosperity Have A Wonderful Year Ahead Happy New Year!!!
I honestly hope each and every one of you have the best year ever in New Year.
I wish this year has lesser disasters, lesser hate, lesser accidents and loads of love. Happy New Year.
Cheers to the New Year. May it be a memorable one. Happy New Year.
It is time to forget the past and celebrate a new beginning. Happy New Year.
May the coming year bring more happiness to you than last year. May you have an amazing year. Happy New Year.
One can go back in time to change what has happened. So work on your present to make yourself a wonderful future. Happy New Year.
We are in the last month of the year…. Just felt I should thank everyone who made me smile this year. You are one of them so here’s a big THANK YOU.
The New Year will be like the old one if you keep on doing the same old things.


new year wallpaper 2015

new year wallpaper 2015

Whom you love most

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 Whom you love most

Teacher : How Old are You ?

Student : Check the Register ..

Teacher : wer r u frm ?

Student : Check in school Info..

Teacher : Whom you love most Mom or Dad ?

Student : Ask My Heart

Teacher : stupid ..wer is ur Heart ?

Student : Ask Ur daughter!!

Teacher shocked !!!!
StuDent rockeD


Love ur husband
when he orders you to make tea or coffee.
He wants to feel fresh
to listen your nonstop talks…..

Love him
if he looks at all the beautiful females.
he is just checking that you are still the best.

Love him
if he criticise your cooking … he is still improving
his taste…..

Love him
if he snores at night and disturbs your sleep.
He is trying to prove that he is the most relaxed person after being married to you

Love him
if he forgets to
give you a gift on your birthday
he is saving money for your future.

Love him … Because you don’t have a choice and killing is a legal offence

Inbox Award Winning Short Love Story Film

“Inbox’ is a Fantasy / Love story made for Naalaya Iyakunar Season 3, winning the Best short film of the week and Best actor awards in the Fantasy round. Sometimes silence speaks more than words. ‘Inbox’ is a short film with no dialogues at all. We think that makers has done a great job by saying the whole story with no dialogue.

A great effort indeed.

Inbox Award Winning Short Love Story Film

Inbox Award Winning Short Love Story Film

Karthik Yogi
Shwetha Gupta

Written and Directed by Madonne Ashwin
Cinematography by Ravi Varma
Editing & Sound Design by Abhinav Sunder Nayak
Music by Balamurali Balu
Post Production at Nayak Cinema

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Gift Singapore Drama Short Film

Gift Singapore Drama Short Film

Gift Singapore Drama Short Film

A son confronts the resentment towards his father only to realize his true intentions.

We can find thousands of people like this boy’s father and they always remain unrecognized.

P.S. Try not to control tear after watching this and promise yourself to support and help others as much as possible.

Funny Happy Holi, SMS,Wishes,Facebook watsapp status

Chood diye wo DHANDE
Jinke anjaam the GANDE
Pura mahina nek kaamo mai bitayenge,
Ab holi k baad ek nayee ladki patayenge.:D
Happy holi

Salo sab chahero aaj rangeelo hai; Watsapp holi message

Me ja ja jovu hu,
Mane tharo chahero dikhto hai,
Ii thaaro kusur nathi,
Salo sab chahero aaj rangeelo hai,
Holi Mubarak!


Holi speech by drunk man

Holi ke is pawan avsar pe rang birange deep jalayen .

Ek doosre ko rakhi bandh kar jhande ko salami dein

Janmdin ki hardik shubhkamnayen.Happy holi


Dil ka haal btana Chhod diya

Baton ki Gehraai Mein jana chod diya

Abhi din holi ke baki hain

Kyon apne nahana chhod diya?

Bura na mano holi hai


Holi pr apko

Vivah ki wife

Dhoom ki bike

Don ki life

Krrish ka josh

Babul ka pyar

Aur Umravjaan ka Pyar mile

Happy Holi 2014


Rang barse bheege Chunar vali ,
Rang barse bhige chunar vali,
Rang barse

ab lag gaye thand aur

doctor ko hai tarse:D


Dil Mai Utha Tufan Bheja Hai,

Aapse Na Mil Pane Ka Malal Bheja Hai

Waqt Mile To Thoda Sa Yaad Karna

Aapke Dost Ne Holi Ka Ram Ram Bheja Hai

Happy Holi Hai Ji!!


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The Selfless Hero Narayanan Krishnan


Hero is a very strong word, but it fits 34-year-old Narayanan Krishnan perfectly. During the last 12 years, he has served over 1.5 million meals to India’s homeless, mostly people abandoned by their families, either suffering from mental conditions or too old to care for themselves.

Back in 2002, young  Narayanan Krishnan was already an award-winning chef working in a high-class restaurant for the prestigious Taj Hotels, and close to securing a job with another 5-star hotel, in Switzerland. Just before heading off to Europe, he traveled to his home town of Madurai, to visit his parents, where witnessed a scene that changed the course of his life forever. ”I saw a very old man eating his own human waste for food,” Krishnan told CNN. “It really hurt me so much. I was literally shocked for a second. After that, I started feeding that man and decided this is what I should do the rest of my lifetime.”
The Selfless Hero Narayanan Krishnan1
Although he was a Brahmin – an upper class Hindu – destined for a successful career as a chef, Narayanan decided to give it all up and dedicate his life to helping those who couldn’t help themselves. Shaken by the scene he has witnessed in Madurai, he quit his job within a week, convinced his destiny wasn’t to cook elaborate dishes for the rich and famous, but provide sustenance to those who needed it most. “That night I thought, what am I doing? I am selling a plate of fried rice for ten dollars in my hotel where people come and have food for fantasy, fun, joy and recreation. Not for hunger. They eat only half portion of it and leave half of in the plate. It was a spark, a very powerful spark that I had,” the young chef said about the event that made him what he is today.

By 2003, Narayanan Krishnan had founded Akshaya Trust, a nonprofit through which he has already served over one and a half million meals to India’s homeless. The name of his organization is Sanskrit for ”undecaying” or “imperishable”, and was chosen to signify that human compassion should never decay or perish. Also, according to Hindu mythology, the Goddess Annapoorani used her Akshaya bowl to feed the hungry, without it ever depleting.
The Selfless Hero Narayanan Krishnan1
Krishnan’s day begins at 4 am, every morning, as he and his team cover 125 miles in a donated van, scouring every nook and cranny of Madurai in search of homeless people in need of a hot meal. The dishes he prepares consist of simple, vegetarian food he cooks, packs and oftentimes hand-feeds himself to over 400 “clients” per day. He is frequently forced to work in temperatures of over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, and deal with hostile and paranoid people suffering from mental illnesses, but these difficult conditions only strengthen his resolve.

The panic, suffering of the human hunger is the driving force of me and my team members of Akshaya,” Narayanan says. “I get this energy from the people. The food which I cook … the enjoyment which they get is the energy. I see the soul. I want to save my people.” Apart from food, he also carries a comb, scissors and razor, and is trained in eight different haircut styles to give his clients that extra bit of dignity they so desperately need.
The Selfless Hero Narayanan Krishnan1
Providing food for hundreds of people every day costs money, and according to a 2010 report by CNN, the sponsored donations received by Akshaya Trust only cover 22 days out of the month. The rest he subsidizes himself with the monthly rent he receives for a house his grandfather gave him. That leaves him with virtually nothing for himself, but luckily he can still rely on his once unsupportive parents for help.

“They had a lot of pain because they had spent a lot on my education,” he said. “I asked my mother, ‘Please come with me, see what I am doing.’ After coming back home, my mother said, ‘You feed all those people, the rest of the lifetime I am there, I will feed you.’ I’m living for Akshaya. My parents are taking care of me.”

“I used to think everything is alike – beggars… mentally ill… so I used to think everyone alike but he taught me the difference” Narayanan Lakshmi, Krishnan’s mother, told ABC News. I was not a teacher, he was a teacher to me. People used to ask me, how did you brought up your… I didn’t bring up my child. He only brought up me. (laughing) That is the irony”.

In 2010, Narayanan Krishnan made the CNN Heroes 2010 list, a distinction that made his story known to the whole world, and helped raise awareness to India’s homeless problem.

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