Victory Movie|Wallpapers, Preview, Synopsis, Cast

Victory Movie|Wallpapers, Preview, Synopsis, Cast Victory: Harman Baweja

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Victory Movie|Wallpapers, Preview, Synopsis, Cast

Movie Review, Added 31 Jan 2009,( Movie had released on 30 Jan ’09)

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Cricket and Hindi films are a potent mixture, one that has been explored and exploited excellently by directors like Ashutosh Gowariker and Nagesh Kuknoor. They, Lagaan and Iqbal, have, in a manner of speaking, become the benchmark. Any other film on cricket has to be at least on par with them to create any kind of impact. Victory, directed by Ajitpal Mangat is a good film, but it does not break any new ground. With the kind of predecessors that it has, it was definitely never going to be easy for filmmakers. Hence one has to credit the director for the courage to go ahead and do his bit, never mind the comparisons that he will be inviting. Victory has a different take on cricket and cricketers, as it is not about the underdog as such. To its credit, the makers have managed to rope in actual cricketers and not make believe ones, which adds value to the film.
The story of the film centres around the life of Vijay Shekhawat (Harman Baweja), who makes his place in the Indian cricket team and is very soon the toast of the cricketing world. But success is a heady concoction and needs to be handled with care. He is unable to handle the fame and the glamour that comes attached to successful cricketers and loses his way. His performance drops and soon he finds himself out of the Indian cricket team. Vijay realizes his mistakes but it almost seems too late as his father, played by Anupam Kher, suffers a paralytic stroke. His father’s sickness acts as a source of motivation for him and he seeks to redeem himself, in his own eyes, in the eyes of his father and the cricketing world. He works hard against all odds and manages to get selected to the Indian team and plays a pivtol role in helping his team win the Champions Trophy against Australia.Nothing extraordinary about the story but one which has its moments, especially those on the field, as most of the Aussies are actually, real-life cricketers, like Brett Lee. It is the cricketing moments which really redeem the film and lift it. The film really picks up in the latter half, specially once Vijay gets his place back in the team. The cricketing action is quite interesting. Also the part of the film, where Harman starts falling from his pedestal is quite well done. It rings true when one looks at the kind of success the young cricketers of India savour with hefty fees, endorsements and adoring fans. The slide could happen to anyone, anytime.
Victory is an average film, which somehow, despite getting most things right, just does not manage to strike the prefect chord. One of villains is perhaps the writing, which is a little erratic, one feels. It could have been crisper as also the editing. There are moments when the film really feels stretched. But somehow it all comes together in the final bit, which is the showpiece of the movie.
The debutant director has handled the film with a lot of confidence and flair, but he would have benefited from a more nuanced and stronger script. The film’s music is composed by Anu Malik, who manages a couple of interesting numbers like ‘Balla Utha.’ As for the rest, it is just about mediocre. The film’s camerawork is good.

Coming to the lead actors, obviously Harman Baweja has a lot riding on his movie after his dismal debut last year. He fares quite well actually. It is obvious that he has worked hard for this role, but does the effort have to show? The role of Vijay Shekhawat gives Harman ample opportunity to display his acting prowess as well as his batting prowess. He acquits himself quite well. Amrita Rao has little to do in the film as she does not play cricket. But she is competent. Anupam Kher and Gulshan Grover, as usual, put in a good show.
The film’s story has lots of meat to it but somehow the film never touches that kind of pinnacle in its emotional graph. It lacks grip. However, the cricketing bits are flawless. Kudos to Ajitpal for giving us an absorbing story about the other side of success.

Victory Movie|Wallpapers, Preview, Synopsis, Cast

Synopsis :In India, cricket is much much more than just a game; it is a passion, an obsession, a religion!Millions of youngsters, in all the corners of the country, dream of playing for India! A dream which incredibly only ONE in every 100 MILLION realizes.’VICTORY’ is the story of a father, Ram, who saw such an impossible dream for his son! This is also the HEROIC story of his son Vijay Shekhawat.Hailing from the small town of Jaisalmer, Vijay Shekhawat becomes India’s latest world-class batting sensation and is catapulted to superstardom!But it is the glamour and the glitter of this very demi-god status that makes the young, vulnerable small-town boy Vijay stray from his true vocation of cricket. Unfortunately this leads to a loss of focus and to a miserable drop in his performance. But by the time Vijay realizes the error of his ways, it is too late and he finds himself thrown out of the Indian cricket team because of disciplinary reasons. Suddenly the hero of the cricket crazy India becomes a villain in everyone’s eyes. His father Ram’s dreams are shattered and suffer a paralytic stroke.This tragedy awakens Vijay’s conscience and sense of honor. He wants to redeem himself in the eyes of his father and every Indian. Against great odds, he once again makes it back to the Indian team and gets to play in the finals of the Champion’s trophy against Australia where he plays a stellar role in enabling India to win the Trophy. Where in the emotionally moving final, in spite of being hospitalized mid-innings because of an injury, Vijay returns to bat, risking permanent injury, when India are nine down, to pull off an impossible victory against the world champion, Ricky Ponting’s Australia.In this, the last match of his life, Vijay Shekhawat fulfils his father’s dreams and enters the pantheon of Indian cricket. That night itself he retires from Cricket and decides to spend the rest of his life with a mission to teach the budding young cricketers of India that cricket is not about playing for one’s personal stardom, but for the pride of your country and the pride of every cricket-loving Indian. If ‘GOAL’ was the definitive soccer film, and”BULL DURHAM” the definitive baseball film then “VICTORY” will be the definitive cricket film.

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