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Love wallpaper – 2


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Love Wallpaper

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  1. dj

    i like and i love it……..

  2. dk

    good effort

  3. janu

    hi…. Lovely wallpaper


  4. reddy

    its soooooooooooo nice

  5. md riyaz khan

    kya likhu malum nhai

  6. srihari

    thank you, send nature images, birthday images. all the best.

  7. dev

    hi nice post.

  8. aswd22

    You might be best friends one year

    pretty good friends the next year,

    don’t talk that often the next year, ا
    and don’t want to talk at all the year after that.

    So, I just wanted to say,
    even if I never talk to you again in my life,

    you are special to me and you have made a difference in my life, ا

    I look up to you, respect you, and truly cherish you.

    Send this to all your friends,ا

    no matter how often you talk, م

    or how close you are, ا

    and send it to the person who sent it to you.

    Let old friends know you haven’t forgotten them, ا

    and tell new friends you never will. ا

    Remember, everyone needs a friend, ء

    someday you might feel like you have NO FRIENDS at all,

    just remember this text

    and take comfort in knowing

    somebody out there cares about you and always will

  9. surekha


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  11. naresh

    thank you, send nature images, birthday images. all the best.

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