Emo Wallpaper / Broken Heart Poetry Wallpaper

Here is a collection of Broken Heart poetry wallpapers .

Below is a very sad and broken heart poem of love


Why did you take my heart and rip it into two?

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Beautiful memories of sad love


Now that you are gone,

I’m left to stand alone


Intense feelings of loneliness….


The Broken Rose…



I Hate You Wallpaper


Broken Heart Emo love  poem wallpaper


It hurts so badly…My Heart


Hopeful emo love poem wallpaper


I’m alone….Floating aimlessly

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  1. love is an unbeatable game. So why try and waste the lives you where given on a game that can’t be be. Why live when you die sooner or later. Why not now. Why live when you die. Why does love and life feel like hell

  2. why ! the frends never said good by . the most dificall think is to be no think when u think somme whan is evry think

  3. I love these poems, i have like a book stuffed full of them. these poems really say the way that I actually feel

  4. I like all the poems & pics.i wish i could write like this.some people people say that a person could become a poet when he or she is heartbroken.but I’m not the one,of course………=(………

  5. i write emo poems to help other people understand that there are people with the same problems and all we have is ourselves to confort

  6. some time we hurt by those whom we love the most we need too………………………………………….,i like this wallpaper

  7. I don’t think she shall ever realize, just how badly she brokes my hearttttttttttttttt. plz shama, aap bhi mujhse pyar kr lo plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  8. u no choosng 100 wrng prsn may nt evn affect our lyf but missng 1 ri8 prsn wl always leave u a broken heart throughout our lyfs………………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:(

  9. 4 sale:
    one heart.
    horrible conditions
    will take anything 4 it
    just cut it out of my chest
    and end this suffering

  10. It’s been over a year, n it still hurts tremendously!!! I think about him all the time, n I cry, he left n abandoned me so mercilessly!!! I heard a song the other day, it’s called “Always, All ways,” by Lostprophets. It explains how I feel. I will always love him, n I don’t know why, I want to hate him, but I can’t. I just can’t. Ugh!!!

  11. cheated..neglected..hated..
    it kills u bit by bit…so impossible to xplain the emptiness…can wrds do tht?????

  12. 0mg these poems are really gay wtf are thing about when you post these i hope you goto sleep crying tonight because ima be bangin yo moma so you might not be able to goto sleep that well… I mean if you not a boy but if your a girl and hot you cna join kthxbye

  13. heY…i LuB eMo’s…n Em FucKin CrZy fW dEm….n nAw aFta ReaDin dEsE pOemS…OmG!!!! Em In LuB wD dEsE PoEmS aLso……

  14. i was with a girl for 11 months and she broke up with me for nothing and she wont tell me why and i still donut understand she has hurt me bad and she was my first love i feel like i can t live with out her all these poems are so true for me she said she donut love me no more but how is it we were together for so long and the love is gone just like that there is no way i did so much for this girl i love her sooo much but she cant fix what she has done sand she has already m0ved on 3 days after she broke up with me

  15. i tottaly understand you all but get this Claire i was goin gout with this man and he dumpd me after 1 month

  16. elesha theres no good or bad poem its just how you feel on the inside and i know exactly how you feel Iv’e been going out with this guy 6 months then he just left with out a single goodbye handshake so poems are not really that hard to do though I draw to 🙂

  17. oh my goddess! I love love love emo poems! They’re so real and I can connect on so many levels- it makes me feel slightly better to know that other people understand!!! 🙂

  18. The poems are great but those poeple who comment and say there so cute and dumm things like that need to get a life if they don’t know the real meaning of emo. It’s not about being “cute”, it’s about being real.

  19. How do u wright a poem as good as all of those who can. I can only draw. My heart is broken because of a guy that just wanted to be a friend instead of dating me guys are just trouble so im staying away. MY name is elesha and im 14 and i have a broken heart and no were to turn in my love life. Dont be like me its not fun.

  20. hey its beatiful and awesome guys hehehehehehehhe?

    i like to
    quote that is

    in the heart?

    would like and example?

  21. love those poem i could say I’m impressed cause I’m one to i love soooooooooo much to write poems i can show the world my feelings. 😉

  22. they all relate to my life but the last one is so beuttiful I had to share it with all of my friends, I did not talk any credit for it but who ever wrote that last one do not stop writing you are amazing

  23. !!!!. I write poems but these are Beautiful. They are made better by the presentation. I will save the website to see if there are more.

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