Beautiful Happiness Wallpapers

beautiful romantic couple wallpaper
beautiful romantic couple wallpaper

Beautiful Happiness Wallpapers

Happiness lies in good health
Not in accumulation of wealth
Happiness lies in caring for others
Like dear friends and brothers
Happiness lies in sharing
Not is amassing
Happiness is the state of mind
Nowhere else you can find
Enjoy the moment, live the life
Settle score and end the strife
Happiness is the journey not destination
Happiness Is doing what is your fascination
Happiness is doing what you like
Sleeping, walking, running and riding a bike
Happiness will come near
When you will venture without fear
Render service that you can
Live a life that adorn a man
Author-Shashikant Nishant Sharma

Beautiful Happiness Wallpapers

let us remember that in this RICH and BEAUTIFUl world there are only 2 things worth living for – LOVE and HAPPINESS

Happiness: a wish, a will, a want

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