Shahid’s New Look In Chance Pe Dance

DROOL: Shahid’s back with eight-pack abs

Salman, Hrithik, move over! six-pack? What six-pack?!

Say hello to new and improved Shahid Kapoor, fresh from the gym, sporting an eight-pack torso in his new movie, Chance Pe Dance.

chance pe dance

Chance Pe Dance is the story on a struggling actor who, in order to make ends meet, teaches dancing to a bunch of kids (whom he hates!)

shahid kapoor;chance pe dance

This movie also stars Genelia D’souza the free-spirited Tina, who helps him out with his reality show, which he consequently wins.

chance pe dance ; shahid kapoor

Apart from the dance sequences and  Ken Ghosh’s innocent storytelling (remember Ishq Vishq), look out for Shahid’s Salman-style taking-shirt-off moments. With that 8-pack, girls, you are bound to hold your breath! .

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