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Love Ne Mila Di Jodi -Star One

Love Ne Bana Di Jodi

A popular entertainment channel recently launched a new serial, Love Ne milla Di Jodi in Mumbai. The show traces the life of three young determined brothers, who come to Mumbai, with a purpose; however, fate changes their plan when their paths cross three beautiful sisters.

Love Ne Bana Di Jodi
Yet another silver screen inspiration into Television a love story cum family drama is all set to rule Star One soon.
We are talking about the new show Love Ne Mila Di Jodi of Shakuntalam Telefilms which will start from June 22 at 9:30 pm.
The title of the new soap sounds similar to the 2009 Bollywood block movie Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi.

“The USP if the show is that it’s not a regular love story but has a family drama. Along side the track of each romantic pair can
become a concept of its own. It focuses into the interpersonal relationships too,” commented the producer, Nelima Bajpai.
The show has two known faces, Gaurav Khanna and Chandana Sharma. Besides that there are many new
faces like Dishant Arora, Karan Thacker, Simran Kaur and Pemeet Chauhan.

When asked of why she choose for the fresh talents, the producer replied, “They doesn’t have a definite image and
it’s easy to mould them. Also these young guys and girls don’t have preconceived notion which makes the job easier for us.”

The story of the LNMDJ revolves around the lives of three brothers who come across Mumbai with a purpose but fate
changes and their path cross three beautiful sisters. Now under which circumstances their love blossoms is
all what we are going to watch in this show.The actors and producer with the channels have lots of expectation from this show.
“I want this show to become a channel driven,” concludes Nelima. Now let junta decide whether the
show makes the channel reaches new heights or not…

Love Ne Bana Di Jodi

Strong, silent and a short tempered guy. He is a chivalrous guy who basically feels that it’s a man’s duty to
protect women. Actually he not clever or street-smart, he is just simple at heart.
He is a loving and protective person towards his brothers & family.

Love Na bana Di Jodi
Avni: She is mousy and does not believe herself to be a good looking girl. She looks after the house and ensures
everyone eat properly at home. She is sure that she will not find love, but has guy friends but knows they don’t look at her as
anything other than a friend. Has actually lost out on her teenage years due to her sense of responsibility and has never had any ‘fun’.
Sameer thinks she will be easy to charm, but turns out to be his toughest challenge.

Love Ne Bana Di Jodi

Damini: Arrogant, strong headed and thinks she knows it all. She works with mother and looks down upon the poor.
Her redeeming factor is that she is very protective of her mom and sisters. She has actually tried to become the man of the family –
a son to her mother, and an elder brother to her sisters. She is emotional about her family and isses a strong man by her
side or a father figure, but doesn’t show any weakness. Engaged to a rich guy who pretends to love .

Love Ne Bana Di Jodi

Roshni: She is the baby of the family. A spoilt brat and acts like a princess. She is a hardcore romantic and lives in a world of her own.
She’s always looking for Mr. Right, but so far has only found Mr. Wrong. She is used to a lot of attention from boys and
surprised when she doesn’t get any from Varun.
Love Ne Bana Di Jodi

Sameer: He is the Casanova of the three brothers. He is a charmer, boisterous and happy.
He is also bright and has all ideas for everything. He wants to make it big with the least bit of effort.
Loves his brothers, and he thinks they are both too naïve.

Love Ne Bana Di Jodi
Varun: Varun is an ace student and an achiever in sports and other activities. He wants to live up to his brothers’ expectations
and sacrifices a lot for him. He’s very sure about the kind of girl he wants to be with but cannot stand the blond and gossipy variety,
which happens to be exactly as Roshni is. And no matter how much he runs, fate and the girl keep ensuring that he
does fall for her, and then when the truth comes out he’s shattered.

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Latest Comments
  1. mudassir

    i was a big fan of this serial

  2. priyansh

    please tell me the download link of all episodes of love ne mila di jodi

  3. cyril

    please start it again

  4. meme shehzad

    hey guyz i really like ur drama pllzzzzzzzzzz aplog yai drama dobahra start koro na plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz i ill waiting for ur reply………

  5. prakhar mishra

    plzzzzzzzz strt it again

  6. sayan guha thakurata

    why u finished the serial?
    prithbi vaiya apke tarha mujhe ek vaiya chahiye. tum mere vaiya banoge? i also like sameer @ varun as my brother. i read in 3rd year. plz reply

  7. vinod

    please start it again



  9. shivani

    this show was so good!why did it finish soooooo early?plz start it again.i wanted to see more of roshni & varun’s became very boring due to entry of bhua ji & others now it was again going to be interesting but the show wrapped up.plzzzzzzzzzzzz start it again,may be with different storyline but with same characters.all were very good specially prithvi,sameer,ROSHNI etc.

  10. momo

    These guys are excellent.Why the show has stopped? it should be start with these guys. pritvi & damini really very cool.

  11. momo

    These guys are excellent.Why the show has stopped? it should be start with these guys.

  12. kabir

    Why this show has stopped?it should be start with new environment like dmg.

  13. Ramakar

    These guys have done excellent role, i like this show a lot.

  14. shubham

    after the death of their mother n the entrance of mausi or watever it z quit boring to see it cuz nw a days rather then givin enough tim to the couples n their emotions they r putting so many troubles tat they r always cryin n z nt at al lukin my request 2 the director plz damini n prithvi ko tim do.

  15. nitish

    This show was nich. but afther death of el.. g.. .: its quite boring. the director should do adventure…………….three sister are hmmmmmmmmmmmm/.
    rock onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  16. richie

    hi roshni u r nice person in dream.

  17. sety

    hi.. avni… plz call one time.. main tumhe dekhte hi pagal ho jaata hu…
    agr tumhari orkut,yahoo,facebook main id hai to de do….

  18. sharad

    hi,i simply love this show but as a matter of fact i don’t have time to watch it because i used to travel all the time for radioactive analysers
    so can some tell me wats going on last episode i have seen is when prithvi and damni got married after that what happened i dont know
    please tell me

  19. suhani

    i am crazy about prithvi ,,, i lov his frowns his body and he has become my dream man..Gaurav i lov the way u talk . u walk.

  20. heena

    this serial rockzzzz.sameer is so handsom i realy love him

  21. heena

    this serial rockzzzzzzz.sameer is so cute i realy love him.all the 6 are awesome

  22. RAIMA

    NICE CAST………………………..

  23. Girl

    I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the nice work Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

  24. kashish sharma

    permeet chauhan(avni)and her smile r the best.
    her voice is very sweet.i am a big fan of ‘love ne mila di jodi’
    and i hope it lasts for long.keep it up characters!!!!!!!!!

  25. jagrati

    prithvi and daMINI A amazing
    the show is outstanding

  26. Tiya

    I love u prithvi……………

    the show roks….

  27. md.numan

    plese answar me now avni.

  28. md.numan

    avni you are also a good actrees.and i thingk samir is your best friend.avni are you like samir.

  29. md.numan

    hi avni i love your smile so mch!!!!!!!!!!!!! and you are so nice.

  30. Vrushalee

    I like the serial very much. And the chemistry between Damini & Pruthavi is very good. I like the Character of Prithavi is very good He is Qut, Handsom Dashing If I would have any boy friend than he will be like him romantic

  31. Mahejbin

    hi prithvi i like your smile so mch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Reshma

    hi sameer i like you so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  33. rahul rathore

    Hi, prithvi i like your body & i like your smile very much,

  34. maggs

    hiiiiiiii disz maggs………i love sameer or jai or karan….irrespective of wat hez being calld ……..i love him a lot……..hez sooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!anvi doesnt suit him much………..evrithin iz 5n abt dis show,but da only fact dat matters iz,its far beyond reality………..

  35. shreeya

    hii i like to see this serial and dont even miss a singel episiod and damini and prithvi are the best and roshni u are so cute and so so sweet

  36. roshni

    this serial is becomingnow so so so boring

  37. ankit

    hii i like this serial $ dont miss even a single episide
    i like Prithvi he is amazing………

  38. Dola Banerjee

    I Like the show,it is one of the best shows in Star One.

  39. bilal

    plz give me one kiss

  40. shiva

    i like sameer and avanis jodi because they are very romantic
    i love avni.

  41. shiva

    i love roshni and i love so much avni.

  42. ishu

    i just love this serial and specially jai he is just…amazing

  43. ash

    hiiiiiiiii jai

  44. ash

    i like sameer and avanis jodi because they are very romantic

    love u jai

  45. disha

    hi, i like prithvi most..
    this is so interisting seriel, but from some last eppisodes it hase became uniteristing.

  46. Rajat

    I am like you all. I want a chance your show . Sameer ur very very dashing. my age is 16 . i am a good actor.

  47. Reshma

    hiiiiiii sameer ……you are looking so handsome.

  48. sehrish

    sameer ur dashing,avni ur very cute n rosh ur nice

  49. sheetal

    hello kya acting karte ho yar damini looking so cute and prithvi is too good

  50. sheetal

    hi guys m love all of yoy specialy damini and prithvi

  51. avni

    im38m nd u
    i love u nd your ans plz
    im formar nd fort goveres at sopore apple town kashmir
    im looking for u
    im wating for your ans

  52. hari

    to all of you.
    i m a big fan of this serial
    it’s amazing
    and i love u damini
    and u are so sweet abnd handsome

  53. sai saroja

    coolest serial in star one cool sameer,cool prutvi, cool damini cool avni,roshni varun

  54. sai saroja

    its an awesome serial ever seen avni and sameer are damn cute

  55. Manoj Sharma

    I hate u guys, U all make me wake up all the nights to see serial 2-3 times in a day(Sorry night)…………………….

  56. abhilasha

    to all of you.
    i m a big fan of this serial
    it’s amazing
    and i love u damini
    and u are so sweet abnd handsome

  57. muskan

    i am big fan of sameer ……… r rock

  58. selena

    luv ne.. … an awesome seriel!!!
    roshini is veryyyyy beautiful…sameer is handsome n cute..damini n prithivi make a perfect jodi….avini is pretty…..varun is gudlukin

  59. jignesh prajapati

    hi dear
    i am your friend ………..
    everday i whatch love ne miladijodi ………..
    BUt i like you …………
    youre jodi is best jodi………

    lovlli girl ke li ye lovey sher………………………..:

    when you ented in my life
    i met completli………..

  60. Avni


    I Am A Big Fan Of Love Ne Mila Di Jodi…………It’s Soooooo Nice…….

  61. Rujuta

    Hi All,

    I am a very big fan of Love ne Mila di Jodi.Specialy Prithvi and Damini. Prithvi has a very attractive personality and Damini has a very charming face. Iam really looking forward to what happens next with them. and also the rest are very cute.

  62. revati

    revati & madhura says:-
    we love love ne mila di jodi.we love damini & prithivi their jodi is best jodi in love ne!we think this serial should be never ending serial till all the fans are alive to see u.BBBByyyyyeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

  63. bhavya sood

    roshni is so cute like me . varun is dam dam hot . avni you are the sweetest in the show . damini is the best and worst. prithvi is so good looking . sameer is the coolest in all.

  64. rockmaavii

    prithivi your body is so good,,,, damini your gussa i like the most,,,, sameer you are very stylish,,,, avni you are so annocent and sweet,,,,
    varun you r good looking as well as intelligent,,,, roshine u r very cute.

    u gies r the best jodi in your personal life also…….

  65. saba mairaj

    ilvvvvvvvvvvv u soooooooooo much sameer u r the best n plz upload ur images result . u sooooo sweet n funny ur r the best in love ne miladi jori

  66. saba mairaj

    hello avni n sameer i m big fan of u . urs couple iz the best.avni u soooooooo sweet n sameer toooooooooo handsme.lvvvvvvvvvvvv u guys

  67. Ansar shaggy

    i hates those who will did,nt see this episode………….

  68. Ansar shaggy

    and i kept my girlfriend nikname roshni & i am varun………..

  69. bilal

    roshni I Love you & Damini I Kiss You & Avni IS Very sweet girl varun is hot boy Sameer is cool boy prithvi is School boy

  70. Ansar shaggy

    hi i am ansar shaggy i love this episode very much i will not eat my food and i will see this my mom will not allow me 2 see this but i will see…………………………………………….

  71. bilal

    roshni your real name my name is bilal your cast and favourite serial my fevourite serial love ne mela di jodi

  72. bilal

    hi! roshni i m a bii like prithvi’s character,i think his is hot and cute .damini is ok but they create a great chemistry
    i think director should focused on them and create a hot romantic moment between them.

    g fan of u I Love You Roshni I Kiss You I Miss You

  73. sakshi

    i like prithvi’s character,i think his is hot and cute .damini is ok but they create a great chemistry
    i think director should focused on them and create a hot romantic moment between them.

  74. Riya khan

    Heyyyy i love love ne milla di jodi…..its a mind blowing show….. i just love prithvi he is damn smart, cool, hot nd cute
    i love him …. uski or damini ki jodi rocks……damioni is tooo smart nd cute…

  75. suhan khan

    i like prithvis character the way he speaks boldly like a true gentlemen.Avni she is damn beautiful man i wish my wife to be like her in beauty & in nature

  76. waqas

    hi i like damni she is so cute luks so beautiful

  77. priya sharma

    hi sameer i like u so much.u r so handsome dude.i love love ne mila di jodi.

  78. robinnagra

    damini u r sooo sweeet..

    im just jokeing.

  79. ankita

    hey i am a great fan of all three guys on the show they are cool and handsome

  80. Noman ali


  81. mayur

    it is really new type of serial which is shown by star one i like to thanks them they shown us love ne mila di jodi …….and roshni is gud lokin n cute,hot more n more n more etc …..should i know the full name of roshni plz i just krazzy abt her

  82. sumit


  83. MOMO


  84. KABIR


  85. urooj qureshi

    prithvi is the most awesome character in this serial.


    mane love ne mila di jodi bahut game 6 hu to teno aetlo moto firend 6u te temna mate hu gamete had par jaei shaku
    i love love me mila di jodi

  87. jenus jahan

    avni is really cute. sameer is dam way too much hot.avni and sameer look perfect together. they make a perfect jodi.

  88. jenus jahan

    damini is not cute but she is dam serious.

  89. dona


  90. amar

    haiiiiiiiiiiiiiii roshani iam big fan of you ur a very cute and sweet girl

  91. paras

    avni, i like your performance very much. you r exelent.

  92. amol

    hiiiiii roshni……. i am big fan of you…. really i can’t miss any one episode of love ne….! roshni really you are very very sweet…..!bye!!!!

  93. hi roshni i like u u so cute.nd sameer u also

    sameer nd roshni u r so cute nd charming i love u guess

  94. riya and priya

    hi! roshni i m a big fan of u.we both luv u.we too love avani!
    u& avani r very cute n nice.

  95. Pooja Chaudhari

    i love prithvi he is so handsome i wise mera boyfriend bhi asa hi ho

  96. jenus jahan

    sameer is really cute and hot.avni is very cute too. i like avni and sameer. they make a perfect jodi.

  97. rakesh utekar

    hye i love this serial i like avni & samir

  98. riddhy

    hye i love this serial i like roshni & prthvi

  99. komal


  100. komal

    sameer u r looking good in pink Tshirt

  101. komal

    damini u r looking very preety in black sari

  102. komal

    hi i m d great fan of this show
    i love roshni , she is very sweet
    prithvi looks dashing

  103. Rayna

    I LOVE it!:D Ok good review

  104. puja

    i am the great fan of this serial.I like damani and prithvi,they acts so goods.
    sameer looks too good okkk byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  105. noor

    HI………. I love Prithvi and damini acting in drame.damini very cute girl.i m big fan of this serial.roshni is very sweet girl.sameer is very good looking boy.

  106. shikha

    hie……prithvi,i m a BTECh 3rd student and i really like u very much…u r killingly handsome and i just want to met u once…i love your eyes ,your style and infact everything of yours…..please if u ever read my message….do rply me…..i will be waiting 4 ur reply…..

  107. Sam

    H!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, Im big fan thats show, I like Sameer&Avni, so…….. i realy like avni, i want to talk avni plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  108. gargi

    I love prithvi and damini’s jodi very much.They are so dashing.KEEP IT UP!

  109. Harjaap Singh Brar

    kya mein is sereail mein kam kar sakta hun frnds any role for me . . .

  110. Harjaap Singh Brar

    Strong, silent and a short tempered guy. He is a chivalrous guy who basically feels that it’s a man’s duty to
    protect women. Actually he not clever or street-smart, he is just simple at heart.
    He is a loving and protective person towards his brothers & family.

  111. sunil

    i love india i m prou’d him

  112. Ashutosh

    Hi ,

    I am Ashutosh from Indore i love this serial very much, pata nahi kya bat hai is serial me when i am comming from My office very tired & see this program meri sari thakan uttar jati hai .

  113. shubhanker

    handsome banda of the sereil “Prithivi”
    love to see this show, & fan too of the character,

  114. shama shaikh

    hi sameer & varun this shama from mumbai..i really like u both…bt i really like sameer love u ur stile..ur attitude ur acting yaar very very good..kaha se sikhi hai shahrukh se ya salman…JANU ur the very beautifull love yaar…really…love u lot…..

  115. shama shaikh

    hi roshani…this is shama from mumbai..really i m big fans of urs really i like ur smile ur stile ur makeup ur dressing stile..really ur looking so gouges & cut & beautiful..really i like u lot..keep smiling u

  116. sadia azfar

    i m damini’s greaaaaaat fan…………especially when she’s angry on prithvi
    their jodi is sooooooo awesome
    and ……i also love the drama

  117. ayesha

    some one tell me what is real name sameer i love sameer

  118. ayesha

    i love this showbut star one channle is not working i love sameer sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much sameer is too cute handsome sameer dressing is tooo great and dencenti just love sameer miss you i want talk to sameer

  119. nidhi

    i m a big fan of this serial

  120. shiwam

    hi i’m great fan of this show .i love roshni’s baby nature

  121. sagar

    hi this show is good because the story is very sound and this show also present quality acting

  122. khushboo

    heyyyy m a big fan of dis show i like all dos 6 characters its ent….
    i love dis show…….

  123. tanishka

    i love love ne mila di jodi only for sameer and avni she looks gorgeous and sameer looks smart handsom and even cute just like me

  124. charmi

    plz tell me where i got the title song. nice serial. sameer n roshni r gud looking.

  125. Habib

    yaar drame me koi impressive seen lay kar ao

  126. smriti

    luv dis show. n i hope for more romances to blossom btwn damini n prithvi.
    luv those pair!

  127. jyothi

    I hardly get time to watch movies

    or tv serials but what i have heard about this serial it is a bit romantic and extremely good

  128. shaan ahmad

    I m a big fan of ds show,
    I like damini & prithvi very much
    both r looking dashing
    I luv both of us

  129. Rohaib

    Hay Sameer is a very gud lucking I like him bcz he is so handsome 😀

  130. vinod

    just i want to friendship with you.

  131. sunil chauhan

    sarita i love u and your friend meenaxi

  132. sunil chauhan

    i love all friend,]


    Eela gujral or Eela anty hi,i m marriam 4m Pakistan,u r very beautiful,my mom also likes u very much,wo ap ki trhan banna or dikhna chahti hain,mjhe specially apke cloths bht pasand hain


    HI,I M MARRIAM 4M PAKISTAN I LIKE SAMEER & ROSHNI,Sameer u r very naughty,i like ur style,roshniu r very culbuli & cute,I like LNMDJ nice & interestng story

  135. FAHIM

    i like it and love it.but why they change the time? we al watch it after (2nd) dmg but now we can’t watch it.

  136. niki

    i like prithvi very much
    he looks so dashing
    i luv u prithvi

  137. Raj

    Nys show.i m loving it..!!

    keep rocking love na bana di jodi team..

    i like all the characters of dis show..
    All da bst..

  138. ashish rathore

    i am big fan of this show
    Damini i love u very much

  139. priyanka

    hey…………. varun i m a big fan of urs……… u r a cutest boy among 3 of u…… i love u……miss u…….

  140. Priyanshi

    hi i am a big friend of sameer,aavanj,varun,&roshini
    roshini is love you so so so much.ok bye

  141. Aishwarya

    i dont lyk dis show. its sooo damn bakwaas. none of de gals r gud lukin. only sameer is kinda ok. mjht is faaarrr better den dis show.

  142. farheen

    i m a big fan of ds shww….
    jst crazyy abt varun……. jst luvv him..
    I LUV U VARUN…….
    keep rockn as alwayzzz………

  143. maria

    i luv ds shww…..
    jst 2 gudd
    i m a big fan of sameer…….. n luv uuuu

  144. farheen

    i m a big fan of ds shw……..
    i m jst crazyy abt VARUN…….
    i jst luvv him..
    muahhh varun…… luvv uuuu






  147. radhika

    i loved it a lot till now i have not missed any show if i do so at night let it be even 12 i do watch it

  148. shalakha

    I like this serial because it is full fun and v enjoy the luv stories and they r very interesting

  149. michal adams

    da show is awesum but our whole family watches only 4 da gr8 pair SAMEER-AVNI ,dey both rock 2gether.hope 2 see more of SAMEER-AVNI,dey jst luk made 4 each other, luv u, may u bcum WORLD’S NO. 1 JODI!!!!!!

  150. eliya

    display ur real name

  151. MINGMAR

    it is very nice serial and it is comedy too
    I enjoy it very much hwile watching

  152. keshvi

    hi,roshini and varun rockkkssssss.this serial is mind uuuu.

  153. Rahul

    i love “love ne milla di jodi”

  154. sheetal

    hello , all of you doing good job, but i like three members in this serial avani , roshani & prithvi all the best…..

  155. Amritesh

    I loveeeeeeeeeeee this serial…Really awesom..Keep it…!!!

  156. RAvi Jagwani

    samer dude i realy like your style because we are also three brother and our nature is also like your shows caractor and i m also waiting for my avni and avni you are so beautiful and your smile is also making you so qute so please keep smile forever

  157. Ray.Shahoz.Raza

    “Love ne banadi jodi” is my very fevarite serial……… & my fevarite character is sammir charecter & others character is also very nice….i m watching this serial every day….i prey this serial continue year to year…. i am also love the directer & producer of this serial
    This show is awsome!
    varun and sameer are very cute and good looking, and prithvi is a very nice guy.
    it reminds me of my 2 best friends and I. we are just like sisters..just like damani, avani, and roshni

  158. priyadarshini

    love ne milaa de jodi is a good serial……the characters are is my favourite show.prithvi and damini.. sameer and avni.. are my favourite characters…hope it would entertain like this

  159. Ahsan

    this is a superb drama i love the character of roshni damani and varan………….

  160. nitinsablok

    hello all the team members of love ne milal di jodi iam nitinsablok from meerut and this serial is going ossam day by day and iam waitinga reply

  161. priyanka

    i like sameer and avni as a couple and roshni and varun are so cute

  162. kush

    its good serial but i like mjht over this

  163. roshni rathod

    ilove roshni’s actions and her behaviour and ilove varun so much please send me your id

  164. manmeet

    i lik ”love ne milaa di jodi” very much. Its my fvorite show . All the 3 couples r cute.This is one of the good serial so far

  165. samrin

    hi sameer you are very sweet in this serial plese give me your id plese

  166. samrin

    hi sameer love ne mila di jodi is my favorite serial and you are very sweet and noughty boy pese give me your id i want to talk you

  167. Mitisha

    It’s not better than “Mile Jab Hum Tum” but it good

  168. akash

    roshni is so beutiful & she is looking kute in light colour

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