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50 Rangoli Designs

beautiful peacock rangoli design

beautiful peacock rangoli design

corner rangoli design

corner rangoli design

50 Rangoli Designs

  More than 50+ rangoli designs

Rangoli is a traditional decorative folk art of India. These are decorative designs made on floors of living rooms and courtyards during Hindu festivals and are meant as sacred welcoming areas for the Hindu deities.Rangoli designs can be simple geometric shapes, deity impressions, flower and petal shapes (appropriate for the given celebrations), but they can also become very elaborate designs crafted by numerous people. The base material is usually dry or wet granulated rice or dry flour, to which Sindoor (vermilion), Haldi (turmeric) and other natural colors can be added. Chemical colors are a modern variation. Other materials include colored sand and even flowers and petals, as in the case of Flower Rangolis.

diwali rangoli design

diwali rangoli design

50 Rangoli Designs

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  More than 50+ rangoli designs

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Do check regularly for new rangoli designs for this Diwali.

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  1. Rohini

    nice rangoli designs………………… very nice … some r easy

  2. Utkarsha

    all rangoli I see its very beautiful ….
    & I will try this.
    add more..make sure it may be
    new one..

  3. mukna

    very nice…..

  4. anjali rai

    Niceee so beautiful all are easy i like so much

  5. shivani kumbhkar

    keep it up….

  6. ena

    its good but requires a good artist also…….



  8. rushali


  9. hitansha

    perfect rangoli 4 competition

  10. pankaj kumat

    owe some pictures, very nice

  11. Sapna

    nice rangoli disigns

  12. aryama

    very mussttt designs i also want to learn these designs

  13. paresh

    weri good

  14. twinkle mittal

    nice but not much designs 2 like it so itss just gud i must say?????????????????

  15. kajal verma

    Nice all this

  16. akshi

    very nice rangoli i like all

  17. suoinder

    Very nice design

  18. apurwa karmsheel

    some more rangoli shoud be there

  19. siva

    am a chemistry student.. i need some rangolis related chemistry in our daily life..

  20. Mohammad Raihan Mazumder

    Awesome Alpana’s are here. Love all of designs.

  21. anitha

    wonderful designs, i liked it very much.

  22. malini


  23. d.rajavelan



  24. Manju


  25. Manju

    super! very beautiful………….

  26. Deepasharma

    mug he apki rangoli bohot acchi lagi veri nice but mughe ek asi rangoli chahiye jo pege par banai ja sake

  27. VASU


  28. megha jain

    lovely rangoli



  30. surbhi sachdeva

    very beautiful and exclusive collection but slightly geometrical and difficult to make

  31. Arshpreet khokhar

    Very beautiful designs but very less and happy Diwali to you

  32. aarshita

    m lovin it para pa papa………..

  33. leena bhongade

    very nice rangoli

  34. mansi

    this rangoli designs are very sinple nd beautiful. i like these designs.fabulous

  35. garima singh

    nice collection 😉

  36. aditya

    making is soooooooo simple and v r so beautiful

  37. kiran

    very nice it is so easy but not that much easy

  38. abcd

    but i wanted some freehand designs..!!

  39. bmmm.madhavi

    beautiful designs add more new designes

  40. soophia

    nice collection…but please add some more beautiful designs.

  41. samta jain

    very nice

  42. kalpana

    Nice designs very gud collection of rangoli designs for diwali

  43. sakshi

    a good collection of rangoli is said is said to be like this. next time i will like to add some myself. so, google is a good search engine. this makes it good.

  44. vivek

    it is very good rangoli collection.

  45. ketan ukani

    very good rangolis

  46. sneha

    very nice rangoli

  47. Sagar

    very nice all rangolis,/..

  48. aditi

    cool but 2 difficult

  49. Minal

    i like very much all these rangolies. Awesome rangolies

  50. ranbir jha

    nice rangoli but nothing new

  51. varsha

    very beautiful rangoli

  52. Richa

    Very berutiful & maevoluoc collection 🙂

  53. heena

    i liked it… i would like to learn to make rangoli

  54. muskaan

    I made these designs and my neighbours praised me.

  55. kaju

    oh that is same of my blanket ha ha ha ha

  56. rini

    very nice & beautiful collection

  57. amruta

    very nice, but want more pattern!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. amruta

    nice bt wnt more pattern!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. garima agrawal

    nice collection

  60. Neha v.

    Nice but it’s not enough can you add some theme related designs such as technical theme.

  61. dershi

    its just ossom………….
    i love these rangoli ……………

  62. leno

    good but we need more patterns

  63. leno

    nice but less patters

  64. yashika

    wow so amejing and beautiful design

  65. avni jain

    i just eagrly wait for diwali to come…as this only the time when i can make beautiful rangoli.. 🙂

  66. parames

    beautiful rangoli collection.

  67. dershi

    i love making rangoli………
    and these rangoli designs are beautiful…………..

  68. ruchi

    VVVVVVery good picture ,show always good picture

  69. anupama

    wery prety rangolis.I ioved all.

  70. Snehasis

    superb rangoli of lord ganesh

  71. aditi

    you can add much more beautiful designs

  72. aditi

    nice,but not many designs

  73. rohini patil

    very nice rangoli collection

  74. jyothi

    very nice really its too beautiful i like it.definetly i try it

  75. ritu

    Beautifull Collection .

  76. sonali sharma

    veryyyyyyyy nice designs i like it
    veryyyyyyyy beautiful and elegant it makes the diwali pujan more glorius

  77. Ayush

    Most bautiful rangoli

  78. VANI


  79. Shruthi

    fabulous designs

  80. sirisha

    Cool designs…………. Some are easy.

  81. raji

    super! very beautiful………….

  82. manisha

    these are very nice design i like it

  83. anushka

    nice rangoli designs………………… very nice … some r easy

  84. kavita gupta

    nice rangoli design.i want to learn how to make good ragoli.

  85. chhaya

    i like all rangoli disigns.i want to learn how to makes this type of disigns.i like it

  86. sanjhali

    nice one……………..

  87. Ramya

    nice ,,,,i like more and useful for women

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