Ingredients Of love… Valentine Poem

Ingredients of love… Valentine Poem

Know about the Ingredients Of Love through this most beautiful message.

Ingredients of love… Valentine Poem

Ingredients of love

is life’s
essential ingredient,
blended with faith,
flavoured with care,
softened with happiness,
baked with emotions,
garnished with sacrifice.
So keep serving
to whom you love
for lifetime.

Ingredients of love... Valentine Poem
Ingredients of love… Valentine Poem
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Ingredients of love… Valentine Poem

5 Key Ingredients For Long Lasting Love

1. Friendship

Friendship means being able to say anything to your partner because you have that ease of “best buddies.” Best friends never take advantage of each other; they are there to help one another. Any good partnership includes the same love you have for a best friend.

2. Trust

You cannot truly be connected to someone you cannot trust. That warm, mellow feeling we experience when we trust each other is a large part of true love. Peace-of-mind in a relationship is vital to its stamina. And trust, like anything worthwhile, is something we earn over time, gradually.

3. Respect

 Respect can diminish over time, especially when you or your partner say or do hurtful things to each other. Whether it is verbal, emotional, or physical abuse, it will kill any respect and lack of respect is one of the most common reasons for ending a relationship.

4. Passion

Passion grows when you can be comfortable and uninhibited with each other. And you break down any barriers by communicating. Passion fades when you have resentment, anger or contempt for your partner. Keep it alive by kissing every day to keep the juices flowing, recreating passionate memories, and trying new and exciting activities together.

5. Communication

 You cannot feel safe in a relationship without communication.Good communication can unleash strong creative energy between you and your partner. And with good communication, you can let your hair down and talk about anything. Not only does it enhance your partnership, it takes a big chunk out of everyday stress. Compliment your partner every single day; let him or her know that they are making a difference to your life and share your wants, needs, desires and fears because nobody can read your mind, not even the one you love!

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Ingredients of love… Valentine Poem

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