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True Love

Together in sickness and and in health…The story of a boy who is with his girlfriend though she can never reply to him and his love. If you have emotions and tears, be ready to shed them now.

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Latest Comments
  1. Dinesh Jakhar

    Dost bas itna hi kahunga:
    Jindgi jine ki jarurat hi nahi es marni (Love / Care ) ke bad.
    Log marte sub hain magar aap jiyo ye sub aant tak karne ke bad.

    Carry on Dost …………….

  2. Rajesh

    Dear Sunny – i would wish to offer you job in mumbai Because person of you personlity is very short in this world….I respect your ownship and dedication – no doubt you areman of commitment.God Bless both of you and eary recovery…regardsrajesh jain

  3. Aparnaasri

    God will surely do the needful for the couple and make their life more beautiful. All our prayers for them. Take care.

  4. mujichar

    No words, JUST PRAYING FOR U…..

  5. J M

    Wish a Miracle Recovery for her… and both live a joyful and good blessed life together

  6. Reuben

    I thanks God for giving him in her life. Almighty God will definitely do the wonder in their life.. May God bless these both abubdantly..

  7. neelufer naz

    Every life in this world has been painted by God’s own hands,That’s why I am thankful God,coz when he painted my life he included a lovely color that is U..!!.!!.
    This is for you gentlemen,every one admire of you,LOVE always won,you are a winner!!!!!

  8. Yogesh

    hats off my friend

  9. tunguyen

    i really don’t know what to say…
    it’s very moved .i can’t keep my tears fall.
    good bless for them!

  10. ravi

    i know how it feels wen u see some1 u love suffers all i can say hats off to u dude god bless her and you hope she gets better sooooooooon

  11. jaan

    hi guy fantastic u know i m faild in my love he decieve me but after seen ur love i wish that his love is also like u but still i love him i pray god to help u

  12. manushiya

    precious thing

  13. srisha

    I pray to god she will get well soon.its really an true and pure love. she is really lucky to have such an lovable guy.

  14. kunal

    Realy this is real love. god bless you.

  15. damcy

    really the girl is very lucky to have the love of that guy…i appreciate whatever he is doing for her
    may that get well soon

  16. sunil

    wow how the wonderful love with each other.i appriceate that is the real lovestory in the universe is truth.

  17. praveen

    its really great of you men and thios is first time seeing the great couple

  18. AHIL

    hi i’ll pray to god u r quickly well soon in u r so luckky u r boy friend is god

  19. AHIL

    hi it is true love i’ll prayed in u r queckly released to home & cont to your lover

  20. shashi

    wow great she is lucky to have a boy friend like him and he is some luckiest person to have a girlfriend like her

  21. Vishwanath B.R.

    love is Humble my friends and it never dies but it wins………..

  22. aruna,g

    I respect her boy friend he is god for her,and I will praying for u man.

  23. Samantha

    I salute the guy…his love is really pure
    hope to find someone like him

  24. Ramroop Singh Bhadouriya

    it is a message for all the person that “Love Is GOD”.so always remember ur god.

  25. francis

    no words to say dear frnd really great wonder to get boy frndz like u ………..

  26. Priscilla

    Aarthi is very lucky to have you!!!!!

  27. Radhakrishnan

    I pray to god she will well soon
    and I respect her boy friend he is god for her

  28. Philip

    Hi Guys,

    Great Love……. May That last Forever……….
    i recommend; Do Not Get Married, Tis will change the total picture.



  29. admin

    Thanks for affirmative response.. 🙂

  30. murali

    hey man u r great dont worry one day u succeed all ur sorrows and i tell u tat i never prayed god to make my love to sucess but i am praying for u man no words to explain yaar u r doing great job,thank for ur love towards ur gal.

  31. sunny

    This is true love…………………

    it is a message for all the person that “Love Is GOD”.so always remember ur god.

  32. raj

    “The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.”Love is patience, caring, sharing tears and joy.I pray to God to give you both more strength…and more love…

  33. Rafiq

    Loving some one is not great but to be loved by some one very great .. I think that girl is lucky to have such kind of boy friend .. Hats off to that gentle man..

  34. nikitha


  35. trish

    Love is patience, caring, sharing tears and joy.
    May God give them the strength to conquer the conquerable…Stand together against all odds.
    I admired the love that they both shared. Wish that her suffering be ended…I pray to God to give you both more strength…and more love…

  36. vishal

    I pray to god she will well soon
    and I respect her boy friend he is god for her

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