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Every Indian must see this Video

Every Indian must see this Video

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Latest Comments
  1. Megha

    Very good inspiring video….

  2. Ashish Mundra

    Very nice motivating video. Thanx.

  3. Ankur kumar

    realy very good motivating video for everyone & those who think that india is nothing.

  4. kiryuha

    Dear Author !
    Your idea is magnificent

  5. Dhiraj

    Wonderful Video ……. Best one i have watched ever….
    I was not getting what’s going on first but when the little boy came and started to remove the stem……
    I was thrilled what will be now….I felt a new type of happiness in my heart hwen everybody joint him…

    WOoooooooooooonderful…… Motivating…..

    Everyone must show this video to all his/her friends…..

    God bless you…

  6. qamer

    now the time is required help one another in natural calamities

  7. Mohsin

    i think this is very proud ful for every indian.

  8. susheel

    i don know that is it the real video or shooted but i can say that if any one indian watch this movie out then every indian would feel proud

    thanks for showing that movie

  9. Madhavi

    Let us learn to share …… happiness , pain, pleasures and work. This will help our nation rise above all.

  10. Angel

    Well Said Marliya . Its a message for all irrespective of nation and religion.

  11. marliya

    Not only for the Indians but for the whole world

  12. A Chinnaraj

    it good, required in every field. Every india should learn team work
    through this video.

  13. chintan shah

    i m speechless, really really a heart touching n lesson teaching video. just awesome

  14. panthak

    sucha good vidio it is inspiring the indians

  15. kiran

    great…………. have no words, speechless.

  16. Avinash

    great video….. indians just learn from watch this video……… jagda mat karo ek dusro pe talwar mat nikalo, hamara bhasha anek hai vesh anek hai jaati anek hai par HAM SAB EK HAI HAM SAB BHARATHIY HAI,,,,,, AB TO JAAGO INDIANS JAAGO

  17. Angel

    thanks buddy..:)

  18. zaid


  19. Hema

    Its mind blowing video………

  20. Deepak

    encouragable video. mind blowing

  21. iphone crowds

    I am so impressed w/ever note so far. really pro stuff. thanks folks

  22. rakesh


    Mind blowing .. Video…

  23. sirish

    i think best video i have watched ever when i saw it for the first time my hairs stood up

  24. Vibhuti

    very inspiring video.Thanks for posting and sharing such motivating video.

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