Cool Shower Photography By Manjari Sharma

Manjari Sharma is an Indian photographer . She has brilliant talent in taking photographs of people under shower.

Below are some example of her work.

After working with India’s premier publications The Times Of India and Better Photography, chasing image making is what brought Manjari to the United States in 2001. In 2004 she graduated from Columbus College of Art and Design in Columbus Ohio, her first home in the US. In Columbus Manjari assisted many respected commercial shooters and also photographed some extremely passionate musicians. Manjari moved to India to travel through her homeland for 6 months voyaging an extensive part of her country and reconnecting with her roots, she moved to New York City in late 2007. As Manjari currently freelances in New York City, her recent achievements include eight honorable mentions in the IPA Lucie Awards, she has already worked for well known clients such as AOL, American baby, Penguin Books and has worked with acclaimed photographers such as Steve McCurry, Eric Ogden and Greg Miller. Manjari’s travels have taken her to Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and recently to Brazil.

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